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220 Farms, LLC

Our flower will always be second to none.  With over 16,000 square ft. of grow space and plans to expand, we will be able to meet all of Oklahoma's medical cannabis needs.  Our knowledge and experience in the field is something we hope to pass onto the state of Oklahoma.  We have plans to expand our business throughout the state in order for all Oklahomans to have access to the greatest quality product. 

420 Main Dispensary

Our name is indicative of both our location and who we are.  We are a medical cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Muskogee.  All flower that comes of the our storefront is grown through 220 Farms. We keep quality medicinal marijuana and products that will help our patients recieve the relief they need. We are here to serve you, the people of Oklahoma and we will always strive to have the highest quality medical cannabis available to meet your needs.

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Okie Oil

Processing medical marijuana.

Offering joint rolling and other services.